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    The Notre Dame Men's Crew Club is a highly competitive program on the national level. As the 2013-14 season has come to a close, the Irish once again have begun a fresh chapter in their training and fitness. Our team is fitter than ever and each member has made it their personal mission to make next year's boats even faster.


Graduating Seniors

posted Jun 29, 2014, 11:14 PM by ND CREW   [ updated Jun 29, 2014, 11:20 PM ]

In honor of their years of dedication, perseverance, and leadership, Notre Dame Men’s Rowing would like to thank the graduation seniors, a class that contributed greatly to the team’s success and that  dutifully taught so much to their younger teammates.

Co-captain, Niall Cochrane, is part of a group conducting clinical research at Children’s Hospital in Washington D.C. In addition, he is in the process of  applying to medical school.

Fellow co-captain, Matt Rhodes, is a member of Notre Dame’s ACE program. In addition to earning a Masters in education in the summers, he will be setting up and teaching at a Latin program at St. Joan of Arc School in New Orleans.

Former club president, Anthony Krenselewski, will be attending Northwestern’s Materials Science and Engineering PhD program for the next four to five years.

Brian Scope will be taking his talents to UNC Wilmington for a year, where he plans to earn his Masters in accounting. Following his graduation, he will be heading south to a  job at Deloitte in Atlanta.

Grant Tobin is currently backpacking his way through China, Laos, and Cambodia,. Afterward, he will begin a job with Chicago’s Belvedere Trading, where he will be working in  and Hong Kong for the summer, and will begin his job with Belvedere Trading in Chicago, working in commodity and equity index derivatives.

Steven Froelich will be completing his dual degree program at ND, wherein he will earn both a BS in Chemical Engineering and a BA in French

Again, thank you to the graduating senior, for they were instrumental in shaping this year's team culture, which not only demanded excellence but also encouraged brotherhood and cohesion. Best of luck to all of you in you the future.

ACRA Update From Gainesville,Ga – June,2014

posted Jun 29, 2014, 10:56 PM by ND CREW

As the school year came to a close, things were wrapping up all across campus – from farewells to the awarding of diplomas; however, for the athletes of Notre Dame Men's Rowing, their upcoming and culminating regatta of the spring season –the ACRA Championship in Gainesville, Ga – was imminent. After a week and a half of strong practices, the Irish Navy departed campus on the 20th of May and arrived in Gainesville the following day, executing a series of short yet poignant practices under the supervision of head coach, Phil Brunner. Going into the weekend, morale was high as the Irish fielded six crews consisting of a Varsity Single, Varsity Double, two Novice Eights, a Varsity Four, and a Varsity Eight.

The results of the weekends racing is as follows:


After 4 years of sculling the single, Grant Tobin (Senior) came to ACRAs with considerable race experience. In his heat early Saturday morning, Tobin placed second with a time of 7:56.0, qualifying for the semi-finals on Sunday, wherein he placed third with a time of 7:58.5 and qualified for the grand final. Facing a tough field and managing with only three hours of turnaround time between the two races, Tobin pulled his best time of the weekend – a 7:55.8 – to secure sixth overall.


With only a few weeks of practice before heading south, athletes Joe Boyle (Sophomore) and Federico Segura (Junior) had their work cut out for them; however, the pair quickly found a sense of cohesion and rhythm, and they rowed accordingly, finishing second in their heat on Saturday with a time of 7:16.7 and earning a spot in Sunday's grand final. In Grand’s, the double won bronze with a time of 7:12, bringing home a championship varsity medal for the Irish – the first in three years.


With a strong novice class, the first boat came to ACRAs with high hopes. In the heat on Saturday, the Irish came in second with a time of 6:02.0, posting the second fastest time of the day and qualifying them them for the Grand Final. In Grand's, with the difference between second and fifth place boats being 2 seconds, the Irish pulled a 5:59.5 to take fifth.


Intent on displaying their own skill and the depth of the novice squad, the second Novice Eight was ready to prove who they were at ACRAs. After finishing second in their heat with a time of 6:32.9, which earned them lane 5 for the Grand Final, the Irish showed their true colors as they brought home Gold with 5 seconds of open water, finishing with a time of 6:13.4.


The Varsity 4, made up of four experienced rowers and an equally experienced coxswain, came to ACRAs as a tight knit group that was hungry for a win. With the goal of rowing straight to the Grand Final, the four made substantial gains in the last 500 meters of its heat, walking through three boats and securing a first place finish. The Grand Final was an extremely competitive field. The Irish came in with a time of 6:50.5 to a strong eighth place finish.


Coming to ACRAs with an abundance of cumulative meters under the their belt, the Varsity 8 planned to lay all of their experience, labor, and talent on the line. In its first heat on Saturday, the boat finished fifth in 6:21.4, taking them to reps. In the repechage later that day, they came in third with a time of 6:29.8, qualifying them for a spot in the C Final. As the culminating race of the regatta, the V finished third with a time of 6:06.9.

Power 50 Campaign Update!

posted Apr 28, 2014, 8:02 PM by ND CREW   [ updated Jun 17, 2014, 1:03 PM ]

Hey NDRC Alumni!

You should have received an email earlier today regarding updates on the Power 50 Campaign. As a family, we have a few decisions to make and we'd love to get your input on a few things. Please respond to the survey on the email. If you didn't receive it, please send an email to, and we'll be sure to get you on the list.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

MACRA results!

posted Apr 28, 2014, 7:58 PM by ND CREW

This past Saturday, the Notre Dame Men’s Crew Team traveled to Ypsilanti, MI for the Mid-America Collegiate Rowing Association championships.  This regatta is truly a regional championship, drawing teams from Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, and more.  The day got off to a rough start, as racing was initially delayed by over five hours due to dangerously high winds.  The Irish had initially entered five boats into the regatta (two varsity eights, two novice eights, and a varsity four), but the Varsity 4+ was forced to withdraw due to time constraints on the rowers racing in two events.  When racing finally began, the Varsity 8 took to the water in the first event of the day.  They placed first in their heat to earn a trip to the grand finals later in the evening.  The JV8 placed third in their heat, also advancing to finals.  Racing in the same heat, the Novice 8 and the 2N8 placed first and third, respectively.  The Novice 8’s first place finish was fast enough for them to qualify for grand finals as well.  In the medal races, but the Varsity 8 and JV8 fell short, with each boat finishing fifth.  The Novice 8 finished second in a very close race, making them the only Irish boat to medal at the regatta. In the coming weeks, the Irish will continue to train in preparation for the ACRA championships in Gainesville, Georgia on May 24th and 25th.

Join us for MACRA Championships!

posted Apr 25, 2014, 12:56 PM by ND CREW   [ updated Apr 25, 2014, 12:56 PM ]

This evening, the team will head to Ypsilanti, Michigan in preparation for competition tomorrow at the Mid-West American Collegiate Rowing Association Championships on Ford Lake!

We are entered in the following events:
Varsity 8+
Second Varsity 8+
Varsity V4+
Freshman 8+
Second Freshman 8+

The team will be racing against teams from all over the Midwest, including Michigan, Michigan State, and Grand Valley State University. We hope to see you there! For information about the spectator area, please check here.

Date Set for Alumni Row!

posted Apr 21, 2014, 8:36 AM by ND CREW

Our annual alumni row (and the club's 50th! anniversary!) is scheduled for August 30th, 2014. This is the first game of the season and Notre Dame will be playing Rice. We look forward to seeing you there!

To confirm your attendance, email Alumni Coordinator Sam Hocking at

We can't wait to see you there!

San Diego Crew Classic!

posted Apr 9, 2014, 12:26 PM by ND CREW

This past weekend, the Notre Dame Men’s Rowing Team traveled out to San Diego, California to compete at the 41st annual San Diego Crew Classic. This event, hailed as the first major regatta of the year, draws thousands of rowers from over 100 universities, clubs, and high school programs. Racing for the Irish began early on Saturday April 5th, when the Varsity 8+ raced their heat for Men’s Collegiate Cal Cup. Conditions were fair with low wind and calm water. Finishing the 2,000m race with a time of 6:24.6 earned the Irish a 4th place finish in the heat and a spot in the Petite Final, falling short of the Grand Final to the University of San Diego and MIT by just over 3 seconds. The novice began their weekend racing in the Men’s Collegiate Novice 8+, finishing 3rd in their heat with a time 6:18.4 earning a spot in their Petite Final, falling short of the Grand Final to the University of California and the University of California-Santa Barbara. Later on Saturday, the Novice 8+ went on to win the Petite Final with a time of 6:40.6, earning them a 7th place finish in their event overall. On the morning of Sunday April 6th, the Varsity 8+ raced in their Petite Final, finishing 3rd with a time of 6:21.2, earning them a 9th place finish in their event overall. The Men’s Collegiate Novice 8+ and the Men’s Collegiate Varsity 8+ events were won by the University of California and Grand Valley State University respectively.

Along with the two team-boats, the Notre Dame Men's Alumni 8+ took 3rd in 6:58.1 behind Brown and UCSB! Congrats to our alumni and we hope to see you out there again next year!

Scrimmage vs GVSU, March 29

posted Mar 30, 2014, 6:34 PM by ND CREW

On Saturday, March 29, the men’s rowing team took on Grand Valley State University in a series of five minute race pieces in Grand Rapids, MI. The team traveled to Michigan Friday evening in order to be better prepared to race in the morning. Conditions for the rowing were sub-par, with temperatures in the mid-thirties and the Grand River running high and fast due to snowmelt. This did  not deter either team, however, and they took to the water around 9am for the day’s row. The JV8+ boats from each school kicked off the racing, with the Varsity 8 and Novice crews following. The Notre Dame and GVSU Varsity 8s respectively split into two 4+ boats in advance of next week's racing at the San Diego Crew Classic! Each race was tight, and the sides traded pieces competitively. After the morning’s racing concluded, the teams traveled to the GVSU rowing training center for a joint lunch put on by the GVSU team and its supporters. With stomachs full and extremities thawed, the teams dismissed and the Irish navy returned to South Bend mid-afternoon.

The Irish will travel to the Crew Classic this upcoming weekend. We hope to see you there! If you'd like to follow the progress of our Novice 8+ and Varsity 8, check out SDCC for live streaming and results.

Notre Dame Duel vs Minnesota, March 22

posted Mar 25, 2014, 5:28 PM by ND CREW

On Saturday, March 22, the Notre Dame Men’s Rowing team traveled to Lake Harsha in Bethel, Ohio for its first race of the season, a duel against the University of Minnesota. Race conditions were largely ideal, as the majority of the course was sheltered from the wind. Only in the final 500 meters did the wind become a factor, and this proved to be instrumental in several races. The Novice 8+ kicked off the action with a resounding victory; their thirteen second margin was good for several boat lengths of open water. Next, the Notre Dame JV8+ raced the Minnesota JV8+ and 3V8+. It was an extremely tight contest with several lead changes. The Notre Dame crew pulled ahead in the final 250m and held on for a victory by only half a second. The Varsity 8+ had a much different race, rowing to victory with a margin of eight seconds over Minnesota. In the Novice 4+ event, the Irish boat fell to Minnesota in a hard fought battle. Finishing the day, the Varsity 4+ pressed through strong winds and considerable chop on their way to a five second victory over their Minnesota counterpart. With wins in four of five events, Irish rowers set the bar high for the rest of the season, facing Grand Valley this next weekend.

The Varsity 8, from left to right: Matt Rhodes, Mike Zaleski, Conor Levey, Alex Kessler, John Carrol, Kendra Reiser, Steven Froelich, John Kearns, and Anthony Krenselewski.

Spring Training Comes to a Close!

posted Mar 17, 2014, 6:05 PM by ND CREW

Junior Sam Hocking rows during an early morning practice in Clemson.

For spring break, the Notre Dame men’s rowing team traded sandy beaches and shady palm trees for sunrise rows and post-practice naps. Leaving Friday, they loaded into six vans to make the trip to Clemson, SC for a week of practice on Lake Hartwell. They drove halfway on Friday and spent the night in central Tennessee. They completed the trip Saturday morning and arrived in Clemson mid-afternoon. After rigging the boats, the team took to the water for the first time this semester. Sunday began the two-a-day regimen; the rowers began their first practice at sunrise and returned for a second practice in the late afternoon. The first couple of days were spent working off the rust and regaining much of the boat-moving finesse that was lost during a long winter spent on the ergs. Wednesday saw the first intersquad scrimmage, with the Varsity 8+, the JV8+, the Novice 8+, the Varsity 2x, and the Novice 4+ racing against each other in four ten minute pieces. After a very competitive morning practice, the team had the afternoon off to explore the Clemson University campus and surrounding area. The rowers resumed their twice daily practices on Thursday and worked to prepare for their Friday races. Friday morning, the team saw their first action against other crews. The Varsity 8+ raced the Varsity 8+ crews from Boston University and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. They defeated USCGA in all races and split races with BU. The JV8+ and Novice 8+ raced the JV8+ from USCGA; the Notre Dame JV8+ won all races, and the Novice 8+ traded victories with USCGA. Saturday morning, the team capped off the week with the traditional final workout of spring break, 2 x 2k. After two fast intersquad race pieces, the team de-rigged the fleet and set off for home. They stopped in Oak Ridge, TN for a home cooked meal at the home of a Notre Dame alum and then continued on to Kentucky. Saturday morning, the team traveled the final leg and returned home to the slowly thawing tundra of South Bend.

Stay tuned for a full gallery of images!

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